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Publications and Working Papers


Ethnicity and conflict


Group Inequality and Civil Conflict. 2019,  with John Huber

Forthcoming, Journal of Economic Growth


Groups in Conflict: Size matters, but not in the way you think, with Debraj Ray.

Last revised: December 2017. Submitted.


Ethnicity and Conflict: Theory and Facts. April 2012, with J. Esteban and D. Ray.

Science 336, 858 (2012).


Ethnicity and Conflict: An empirical Study, 2012. With Joan Esteban and Debraj Ray

American Economic Review 102, pp. 1302-42.

Online Appendix



Cultural Economics


Liberté, Egalité...Religiosité (2018), with Joan Esteban and Gilat Levy

 Journal of Public Economics 164, 241-253


Religiosity and Economic performance: the role of personal liberties (2018), with Joan Esteban.

in Advances in the Economics of Religion, Palgrave 2018, forthcoming.


 Personal Liberties, Religiosity and Effort (2018), with Joan Esteban and Gilat Levy.

Revise and Resubmit, European Economic Review



Aggregation and persistence


Model selection, uncertainty and the PPP puzzle, 2015 with L. Gadea-

Oxford Economic Papers  67, pp. 614-633.


Heterogeneous dynamics, aggregation and the persistence of economic shocks. (2013)


International Economic Review 54, 1295–1307.


Aggregate Real Exchange Rate persistence through the lens of sectoral data, 2011. with L. Gadea

Journal of Monetary Economics 58, 290-304.

Online appendix


Aggregation is not the solution: the PPP puzzle strikes back, (2009), with L. Gadea,

Journal of Applied Econometrics 24, 875-894





Fractional Dickey-Fuller Test for unit roots (2002), with J. Dolado and J. Gonzalo.

Econometrica 70, 1963-2006


A New Minimum Distance Estimation of ARFIMA Processes (2007)

Econometrics Journal, 10, 1, 124-148


Wald Tests of I(1) against I(d) alternatives: some new properties and an extension to processes with trending components (2008), with J. Dolado and J. Gonzalo,

Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics, 12, nº 4, article 1.


An overview of new results on simple Wald Tests for Fractional Roots, (2009), with J. Dolado and J. Gonzalo

The methodology and practice of econometrics (eds. J. Castle and N. Shepard)


Testing for fractional integration versus short memory and structural breaks, 2012

The Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 74, pp. 278-305.


Persistence in economic and political data


Further evidence on the statistical properties of real GNP (2006)

The Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 68, 901-920

For further details, download from here the Working Paper version of this paper


The persistence of inflation in OECD countries (2005), with Lola Gadea,

International Journal of Central Banking nº 4, 51-104


Long Memory in Spanish Political Poll Data (2003), with J. Dolado and J. Gonzalo.

Journal of Applied Econometrics 18, 137-155.



Ongoing Work

Enviromental Circunscription and Early State Development: The case of Ancient Egypt (2017), with Ola Olsson

A Politico-Economic Model of Public Expenditure and Income Taxation (2013), with Joan Esteban

The long-run impact of witch hunting in Europe, with Joachim Voth. In preparation.

The heterogeneous impact of reforms, with Lola Gadea. In preparation.

Weakly exogeneous Instruments. In preparation.

Climate change and state collapse: an analysis using data from 4 Millenia, with Ola Olsson. In preparation